1. You accidentally call them by the wrong name
    We've all had a parent do this to us if we have siblings.
  2. You can never go to the bathroom alone again
    If they aren't sitting on the floor staring at you then they're getting in the cabinets. Don't even try to shut them out, they'll just stick their paws under the door and cry.
  3. You have to break up their fights or stop them picking on each other
    Even the pets that get along most of the time will do this. This means literal cat fights in my house. One will do that thing where they slowly inch closer to the other to force them out of the seat they want.
  4. You have to clean up after them when sick and you will end up with puke on you at some point
    Sooner or later we all experience the joy of stepping in a pile of warm pet puke. They will always choose the carpet or furniture over the tile.
  5. You will have to clean up bathroom accidents
    Instead of wet pants or wet beds, it's the litter box or on the carpet or in your bed or on you. Shit will literally happen on every surface.
  6. You have to drag them to the doctor and force them to get their teeth cleaned
    Dogs might be better about this than cats, but it's a struggle. Accidents will happen in the carrier or on the exam table. They will cling to you like a scared baby.
  7. They get jealous of each other
    Pet one for too long and the others will give you a death stare.
  8. They will put everything in their mouths and break things
    You won't be able to have nice things, especially with cats because they can reach everything. Mine have broken phone chargers, speakers, a blender, cups, lamps, and more.
  9. You'll buy them toys and they'll end up playing with the box they came in
    Cats and boxes, it's real and it's deep.
  10. If you have three you might end up with a Brady Bunch kids thing happening
    Mine are exactly like this only they don't do the camp song and dance routines. It's a shame, I could use some silver platter money.