@bjnovak I love this book too much, and these are some of my favorite characters in it!
  1. The grandma from "No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogelberg"
    She sounds badass. Also, curious to know how her experience of sucking off Sinatra went.
  2. Julie from "Julie and the Warlord"
    Well, did she end up fucking the warlord or not? I need answers!
  3. Sophia from "Sophia"
    I find her to be to be a really tragic and fascinating character. I also love her monologue about infinities.
  4. The beautiful girl in the bookstore from the eponymous short story
    I love love love this character and gladly would read an entire book about her (@bjnovak , get on it!) I want to know more about her personality and relationship with her boyfriend!!