1. This is a list that I will probably delete
  2. But I'm feeling really overwhelmed right now
  3. Because I'm doing these papers from the guidance office for college apps
  4. And I have to basically list everything I've done in these past couple years
  5. And my grades and teachers I've connected with
  6. And it's not like I'm doing badly, you know?
  7. I do very well!
  8. It's just I feel like I didn't do enough
  9. Which is ridiculous
  10. But I'm feeling really overwhelmed by it all
  11. I worked through a lot of issues with putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect.
  12. But it kind of sucks when I have to list my entire life on this paper because it brings up a lot of that old shit I used to pressure myself about.
  13. I'm rambling
  14. But I know it's gonna be okay
  15. This app is kind of a release at this point? So I just wanted to post a list
  16. See ya later