Inspired by @alexim
  1. I found a stash of My Super Sweet 16 episodes online and I couldn't look away
  2. I was compiling playlists
  3. My friend and I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and spend hours perusing the entire store
  4. The seniors are in Disney on senior trip and I'm living vicariously through them
  5. I decided to learn how to play guitar
  6. There's a lot of cool jewelry on Etsy and I spent hours adding it to my cart until I decided I can't spend money on it and exited
  7. I found out I still suck at drawing
  8. My cat started yelling outside of my family's doors so I had to go downstairs and give her attention until she went to bed
    This is a true story
  9. My back is starting to hurt from carrying all my binders home
  10. I didn't feel like it