These places aren't national and I'm TELLING YOU they need to be.
  1. Wawa
    Fuck your 7-11s. Wawa is maybe my favorite place on earth and I'm seriously considering basing my college choice off of accessability. It's amazing, okay? Delicious made-to-order food: mac and cheese, quesadillas, wraps, HOAGIES, smoothies, soups, slurpees, coffee, tea. Bomb ass cheesy pretzels. All your convenience stores usuals. ATM. I could live in a Wawa and be content.
  2. Dunkin Donuts
    America runs on it, how can you not have it???
  3. Pancheros
    Chipotle is the world's biggest craze, and you won't find a single kid in my high school eating there. You will, however, see at least 6 people you know every time you walk into my local Pancheros. Essentially Chipotle, but they mix the burritos and have queso. You do the math.
  4. Rita's
    I'm not a huge Rita's fan, but the first day of spring is free water ice day, and I'm honestly shocked that this was not a monumental part of some people's childhoods. ALSO, WATER ICE. PEOPLE DON'T HAVE WATER ICE.