Requested by Ria

High School Musical Dream Cast, One Direction Edition

  1. Troy: Harry
    Troy's dilemma is that he is too talented at everything. Some may say that Harry faces the same problem. I'm thinking 2012-ish Harry would be ideal, when he was actually a teen.
  2. Gabriella: Louis
    Love interest of Troy/Harry. Really fucking dramatic. Voice is fucking weird sometimes (seriously, listen to When There Was Me and You). Pretty in a clean-cut kind of way. (Again, 2012)
  3. Sharpay: Liam
    Seriously, listen to Liam in certain interviews and watch as he STEAMROLLS EVERYONE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS. Varying levels of insanely intelligent and mind-bogglingly dumb.
  4. Ryan: Niall
    The quiet, soft-spoken sidekick who just wants to do his own thing (dancing/guitar). Also, they look vaguely alike.
  5. Zayn: Zeke
    Sharpay's love interest (teehee). Zayn's art is just like Zeke's baking, think about it! And also, Zayn broke my heart so he doesn't get to be one of the principal characters, he gets to be ZEKE. (take that) (miss you though)