How to Know You're Too Tired

Exhausted high school student shares her wisdom
  1. You calculate how much sleep you get in one weekend and it's more than your entire week
    See also: you fall asleep at 5pm and wake up at 9am (which I have done more than once)
  2. Your nightly sleeps are more like naps
    Thus you are living on a cycle of naps, so technically, you don't properly sleep.
  3. Your feet ache, even if you're sitting or haven't done much exercise
    This will only happen when it gets to Wednesday/Thursday and you are PROPERLY deprived.
  4. Your eyes feel...strange
    I don't know how to explain this, but it's just a very weird uncomfortable sensation, constantly.
  5. Waking up is next to impossible
    And your body basically keeps putting you back in bed
  6. You fall asleep in strange places or without meaning to
    The floor, typically.
  7. You daydream about going to bed
    See also: accidentally falling asleep is your chosen method of getting high
  8. You have forgotten some people operate on enough sleep
    A proper sleep schedule just sounds weird. And you aren't tired???? Huh???