Love this idea from @jessacosta and @shacara_shacara !!
  1. I had a pink theme phase and I really dig this photo. I kind of want it in my room.
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  2. The pink phase: continued. I love Ocean City a lot!!!!!!
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  3. Pink phase: Brandon Flowers style (look how close I was!!!!)
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  4. The pink phase officially turns to this darker phase. We were dancing, to be clear.
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  5. Polaroid photos are still wonderful, no matter what technology is available.
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  6. Jesse Rutherford, my entire heart and soul 💗💗
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  7. This is an actual candid that my friend took without me knowing. Her artistic eye is impressive.
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  8. My favorite pair of jeans look so nice under my friend's great camera.
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  9. I'm a fan of this skirt, knee socks and negative space.
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