(This list has been in my drafts since before the college list, btw)
  1. "What do you want to be?"
    Listen, I have no fucking clue. Anyone my age who says they know is lying and/or is weirdly confident and I envy them.
  2. "Where do you want to go to college?"
    Why does everyone my age have a dream school? I have vague ideas of cool places to apply, but no concrete answer?????? Help???
  3. "What's your favorite movie?"
    I always feel like this question is a test. Like if I give my honest answer, the person won't accept it because it isn't high-brow enough. Also, I'm not really a movie person in general.
  4. "Who's your favorite band?"
    Listen, do you want the long answer or the short answer? I can't answer one band definitively. I'll need to answer at least 3 bands. Do you want the band I'm currently obsessed with, or an overall tally? I have so many albums memorized. Save me.
  5. "Why do you like Harry Styles/One Direction so much?"
    Look, I wish I knew too.