1. Public speaking skills
    I was always an extrovert who liked talking in front of people, but theater has taught me so many things that I didn't know the first time I got onstage as a third grader. Diction, volume, and in my case, slowing down: class presentations and other presentations are now a breeze.
  2. Ability to think on my feet
    I've done a fair amount of improv through theater, and it's really sharpened my skills in being able to think on the spot. It's also made me able to deal with pressure: if you can think of an entire 6 minute scene in 2 1/2 minutes, you can think of anything.
  3. Singing ability
    After being in a musical at age 8, I became equipped with so many new skills: breath control, diction, tone. I credit my musical ear with starting so young. I also fell irreversibly in love with music, and although I stopped taking music lessons a few years ago, I have been in choruses and listened to music since.
  4. Dance ability
    I fell so in love with dance that I also took some dance lessons and was briefly part of a dance team. Thank you theater for giving me dance moves and rhythm for future parties.
  5. Confidence
    I've realized in theater, the more you go for it, the more you succeed. Audiences almost always respond well to the actors who unabashedly give it their all. No matter how ridiculous I feel, I need to give it as much as I can. Being onstage in front of a big live audience really makes any situation (job interviews, dancing at parties) a whole lot easier.
  6. Friendships
    A vast amount of the friends I've met have been through theater or related activities. I wouldn't trade some of the people I've met for the world.