I just got wind of it's cancellation, and I feel like I'm an expert from that one bingewatch of a couple seasons, tbh.
  1. Tyra
    Tyra seems to be just indulging herself in a power trip like no other. I can never forget the time she pretended to pass out to tell the girls they'd be studying acting.
    Enough said.
  3. None of the winners become successful
    There was one runner-up who went on to fame and one girl was actually in Crazy, Stupid, Love. But other than that, the show doesn't really produce models. One did create a career on Wall Street, though, which is pretty sweet.
  4. The seasons were called cycles
    Why, though? What was the point?
  5. That one girl who lost because she cheated on her boyfriend on the show
    She definitely would have won if it hadn't been for that drama.
  6. That one girl who got mad that someone stole her energy bars
    I do sympathize a bit, except for me it's with Cheez-Its.
  7. And finally, the makeovers
    "What the hell?" ALWAYS triumphed over "nice!" when watching these. But hey, gotta get that drama out somehow, I guess.