South Jersey Things

  1. I tell people I'm from Philadelphia, because it gives people reference of my area and behavior without confusing them with obscure town names.
    I also root for Philly sports teams, which is pretty painful to have loyalty to.
  2. We call "subs" or ""grinders"" or whatever by the name hoagie, which, and I am biased, is clearly the proper name.
  3. When you think of New Jersey stereotypes, none apply to South Jersey. You're probably thinking of North Jersey, essentially a different state.
    Seriously, we might as well split, Carolina style.
  4. Wawa is my GOD
    It pains me to know that some of you will never experience the greatness that is Wawa. It is essential to my daily life.
  5. We go "down the shore," not "to the beach."
    Am I even driving "down?" I don't know. People even shorten it to dts, which feels dumb, but who am I to judge???
  6. We don't pump our own gas!!
    If anyone says "pump fists not gas," though, feel free to punch them.
  7. Susquehanna Bank Center is terrifying to get to, but totally worth it.
    I love the venue, but going into Camden is a bit of an adventure.
  8. I use exits to figure out where people live.