I became a vegetarian 6 months ago after a lifetime of eating meat. Here are some observations, I guess
  1. Being a vegetarian is much easier than I expected
    I don't need meat as much as I thought I did!!!
  2. Cravings for meat come for the weirdest things
    I have not once craved a steak, and I didn't even want turkey on Thanksgiving. However, when my friends stop for chicken nuggets from the mall's Chick-Fil-A, I just about lose it.
  3. Some people expect you to be mad at them
    This happens only occasionally, but a few people expect me to be mad or offended if they eat meat or discuss meat or whatever. Listen, I don't care if you eat meat! I ate meat for 16-ish years, and it's YOUR diet, homie. Just don't criticize me either!
  4. However, most people are generally really cool with it
    My family teased me in good nature when my plate was kind of lame at Thanksgiving, and sometimes my friends forget, but mostly people are just like "nice."
  5. The really full feeling I got after a meal? Generally meat
    I haven't felt uncomfortably full since going vegetarian. That might just be me being barely 5'3 and kind of small in general, though.
  6. I generally feel a lot better, and I've slimmed down a bit.
    The main reason for this was I knew if I went vegetarian I couldn't have mac and cheese 3 times a day, so I planned some new things to eat. My mom doesn't eat strictly vegetarian, but she does go very light on meat, so she really helped show me how she eats and new things to try. I didn't need to lose weight or anything, I just needed to improve my diet, tbh.
  7. Most restaurant's menus are like 80% meat
    How did I never realize this before? Italian restaurants have become my crutch: everyone likes Italian, it's my favorite cuisine, and there's usually plenty for me to eat there.
  8. I am capable of doing things I didn't think I could do
    I have thought about going vegetarian since I was 10 years old, but I just figured it would be too difficult. Feels good to accomplish something like this 😌