Things I'm Bored And/or Tired Of

  1. Criticizing things without reading/watching/etc. them
    "I haven't read this book but I can already tell it's..." No, you can't.
  2. Negativity being dismissed as realism
    One time this girl told me my makeup looked like shit and when I was like ???? she was like "Well, I'm not gonna lie. Not gonna tell you your makeup looks good if it doesn't"
  3. The @dory account on twitter
    Stop stealing other people's tweets, @dory on twitter
  4. Racism, sexism, homophobia, the like
    I'm BORED of close-mindedness!!!
  5. Physics
    I've basically thrown in the towel on this class.
  6. High schoolers who are unnecessarily rude or mean to teachers
    Why is there this running mindset that if you disagree with a teacher or dislike them you can just treat them like absolute shit? This has gone away as I've taken certain classes, but I see it in the halls and stuff. They're? A human??? Is this how you treat all humans???
  7. People shitting on teenage girls
    This just in: teenage girls take selfies and like boybands. WHAT WILL WE DO ABOUT THE DEGENERATE YOUTH?????
  8. People who fight on twitter
    How do you have the time? Like, I have lots of homework. How do you not have any? Is it worth it?
  9. Waking up at 6AM
    I'm fucking literally tired.