I'm an Honors and AP student. This is a class I took to fulfill a mandatory elective requirement. My experience has been, well, shit.
  1. Researched a random Belgium hotel manager
    Other people got to research people like John Stewart or Walt Disney, but NOOOOO. I got the amazing field of HOSPITALITY. The Belgian guy I researched had exactly one paragraph on the Internet about him.
  2. This
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    We had to cut out and color all of these Nascar pieces and glue tiny brand names to 6 people and a car. I learned...let's see...nothing about sponsorship.
  3. Rousing games of vocab bingo
    The catch though is that we didn't LEARN from this Bingo. That'd be ridiculous. We went one round calling out definitions to match to vocab words on a bingo board. Then for the rest of the period, she just called out business terms like "leadership!!" and we marked it off. She tried 12 different bingo patterns.
  4. Open-note test
    Our first TEST was open-note, which was great, actually. Can my physics teacher allow this? Thanks.
  5. Analyzing an episode of the Celebrity Apprentice
    This is exactly what it sounds like. Fascinating stuff. Funny story: she wrote down all the names of the contestants for us on a piece of paper. Instead of googling the names or rewatching the episode, she tried to remember the names from memory, so she missed like 3 people per team. I just...I...JUST GOOGLE IT.
  6. An entire report on the movie "12 Angry Men"
    We had to connect it to business concepts we had spent 1 day on, because we were so busy spending 3 days watching the movie itself. We also were told not to take notes, but the report required we remember the specific reason all 12 jurors flipped sides. If we forgot, then we "could go rewatch the movie if we need to!!"
  7. Shark Tank marathons
    Damn, we watch a lot of TV.
  8. Research a famous fan club
    I'm sick of this shit
  9. Free hand draw a crossword puzzle consisting of 10 celebrities who committed crimes
  10. Nothing
    Sometimes she'll give 10 minutes of notes and then gives us a free period. Those are the best kind of days.
  11. But soon, I'll be FREE
  14. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!