Things I've Done/seen/had Happen to Me at Concerts

  1. Had a man ask me if I "wanted to have fun, little girl?"
    My brother and I were at Firefly music festival and were watching a smaller act while we waited for Arctic Monkeys. Some man had on a hat that he could drink booze out of and offered to put me on his shoulders. Luckily my brother switched places with me.
  2. Thrown into a mosh pit for an opening act
    This makes little to no sense because who moshes for an opening act for THE FRONT BOTTOMS? After this the whole crowd starting swaying like trees in a rainstorm. I got knocked over and my friend decided we should relocate. I lost my shoe in the process. I got it back, but you could see it flying through the air throughout the show.
  3. Watched a girl zoom in on Jesse Rutherford's abs for Snapchat multiple times
    I was at the nbhd concert and I swear she took pictures of this for a good 10, 15 minutes.
  4. Heard screaming so loud that I began to feel dizzy and had to sit down
    Context: This was a One Direction concert, it was outdoors and I hadn't eaten or drank nearly enough to handle 50,000 people screaming as loud as they could.
  5. Formed an impromptu barricade to prevent people from taking our spot
    I had waited 8 hours to have front row for the Killers and these RANDOMS kept trying to SNEAK IN FRONT OF US and we were having NONE OF IT