This list has no point, but I can't stop thinking about it, okay??
  1. He finally has the time
    I've just been informed he's REGISTERED SOLO SONGS (!!!!), but officially, he's on break!!! And therefore can make a random 17-year-old American girl's dreams come true!!!!
  2. We'd be the best dressed
    Harry would probably wear some Gucci floral pattern suit and I assume he'd let me get something from Gucci as well. He seems like a standup guy in that respect.
  3. He can properly experience some high school memories
    Harry was admitted on to the X-Factor at 16. He missed out on, like, 5 years of normalcy.
  4. We'd look bomb together
    Well, we would.
  5. Louis is having a kid, Niall is too blonde to look good with me and I feel like it'd be weird with Liam
    Liam would probably beatbox on the dance floor or something
  6. I had a dream about One Direction and meeting them and the only person I didn't get to meet was Harry and that seems unfair
    Harry was just lurking in the corner and he was dressed in this outfit my English teacher wears. It was all very strange.
  7. Impeccable rhythm
    The last guy I took to a dance just swayed all randomly. I KNOW Harry would not have that issue!!!
  8. Possible con: he'd probably spit water and drench the dance floor
    But hey, the janitors have seen some weirder shit than that.