at Theater Cedar Rapids
  1. Yay. My mom picked tickets for a Sunday Matinee...
    There are a fuck ton of kids here. Shit.
  2. Why yes, I DO need a special Little Mermaid cup to hold my alcohol, thank you.
  3. Glow wands and tiaras?
    Tempting. But I'll stick to booze, thank you.
  4. Tickets right in the middle :)
    Best seats in the house.
  5. Excited they're incorporating all my favorite songs from the Broadway show.
  6. Ahhh. This gal is the best Ariel
    I've seen her in other shows, and she's awesome.
  7. There are bubbles everywhere during Under the Sea
    Aaaaand now my glasses are smudgy. But it was cute.
  8. This little Flounder is so FREAKING cute.
    He's got a little lisp, and its precious.
  9. Intermission!
    Aka booze break.
  10. Prince Eric gets to sing!!
    Something that was missing from the Disney vers. Also, no Max :(
  11. Amazing show!!!
    Wish I could watch it again.
  12. As we're leaving, mom makes me take pics with Ariel and Eric, and Sebastian
    No shame in my game.