1. Fancy water
    The most expensive kind available at the gas station, Fiji, Voss, etc.
  2. Something sweet
    This can either be fruity (twizzlers) or chocolate
  3. Something savory
    Combos, gardettos rye chips, cheetos
  4. Scratcher lottery tickets.
    Pick only a monetary denomination, let the cashier decide which ticket for the most random ticket. UNLESS there's a super cool theme, like Ghostbusters. DO NOT scratch your ticket UNTIL you reach your destination.
  5. A random CD from your childhood
    Spice Girls, the Grease soundtrack, a mix of hits from high school, etc. for when the radio craps out.
  6. When traveling with the boyfriend- find a pinball machine along the way so you can stop and stretch your legs, and maybe bet that the loser buys the next round of drinks/snacks
    Happy Joes will almost always be a good bet.