I've been a lurker on list for arguably too long. But I love to read more than write so here we are.
  1. I'm Lydia
    I was supposed to be named Molly but when I was born I gave my mom intense side eye about that choice and she soon saw the error of her ways.
  2. 9/10 times I am thinking about hippos or ASOIAF/GOT
    These are my main two obsessions and have been for roughly three years.
  3. I just graduated from UNC and do not have a current career path lined up
    I fluctuate between thinking this is liberating and terrifying about once every 30 seconds.
  4. I am a survivor of sexual assault and have a past diagnosis of PTSD
    My symptoms of ptsd rarely affect me anymore but this diagnosis hangs over me as a label as much as being a survivor does.
  5. I love dark comedy.
    I love all smart comedy really, but dark/morbid especially
  6. I believed I was meant to mermaid until I was 10
    By this I mean I would take off all my clothes while in the ocean and try to swim out as far as I could and drown myself to get my mermaid comrades to take me back. It sadly did not work and I am still a terramaid
  7. I have a lot of funny stories about my life that are the type where you think, one day I will look back on this and laugh.
    Except for me no matter how embarrassing it is or how bad a light it puts me in I immediately want to tell it and make others laugh. I love a good story even at the cost of my own reputation.
  8. I'm still not sure if I'm a hypochondriac or legit just have a weak immune system and get every disease.
    Over the course of the last four year I've had (on top of multiple ankle fractures and chronic diseases): mono, walking pneumonia, shingles, strep throat, a ruptured ear drum (twice), a staph infection but never once the flu
  9. Stories about my bad luck with accidents and illnesses are probably my favorite to tell
    I love to laugh at my own misery but for certain there's frustration and anger behind my eyes as well. (But really why would I get shingles if I'm not secretly 78)
  10. I loathe being tickled.
    Tickle me and you should expect a nose bleed.
  11. I love vaguely useless trivia and will bring it up in unrelated conversations.
    I don't mean to be annoying it just sort of pops out. Sometimes they aren't true because I just like to see what I can get away with. I have a number of people convinced that Christmas trees have to grow on mountains because their roots grow side ways. This doesn't even make sense but nonetheless my fake knowledge has been spread.
  12. I think costumes are the best and love to wear them whenever possible.
    Picture evidence to come.
  13. If you should remember anything about me it's this: my apple pie has made grown men weep tears of joy.