Being Someone Else is Fun!

The photo story of a girl who never stopped playing dress up.
  1. Costume repurposing: cowardly lion
    Do lions normally have black manes? Maybe not, but my brother had been a troll the year before and the wig fit my head so here we are.
  2. It's my birthday I can culturally appropriate if I want to.
    My first and last foray with hula dancing.
    the beginning of my overuse of the claw hand
  4. Speaking of which...
  5. Oh hello again hand.
  6. Okay back to chronological
    Slut shaming: when moms in the neighborhood complain about 13 year olds being dressed as Fanta girls because gogo boots.
  7. We were not having it
    If you're going to slut shame us then we will hit you right back by dressing as the original girl gang of pro female sexuality: pink ladies
  8. My first attempt at being Bellatrix Lestrange.
    Couldn't go to that midnight showing with full costume obviously.
  9. Attempt number 2
    I think this one went better but even more proud of creating the Tonks costume
  10. College: I get really into theme parties
    Whenever I wasn't with my friend people assumed I was Tigger and I got really annoyed. Also had sharpie marks on my hand for a week. Still worth it.
  11. Lips as red as rose
    To prepare for this role I stopped allowing myself to go out into the sun without spf 50, wore red lipstick everyday, and baked a lot of pies. I made a lot of friends this year. Just now realizing it may have been the pies.
  12. The theme of the party was classy.
    Apparently that just meant we were supposed to dress nice. I did not get that memo. Also this night was great because after dding everyone home I turned on my radio and Breakfast at Tiffanys was playing. It was magic.
  13. The opposing women of the 50s.
    I remember having fun with this costume but my hair was being a nightmare and that slightly ruined it.
    Oh my goodness. I loved this costume. I didn't care my boyfriend couldn't kiss me Halloween was not about him. I was hating school at this point and in the midst of some of my worst depression and creating this costume was a huge therapeutic release. I felt powerful.
  15. Now off with my head
    Was very into the Tudors and decided Anne Boleyn was the perfect person for me to be. (Two days later my boyfriend would break up with me but luckily he did not also order my decapitation)
  16. I don't think this dude had ever seen fairly odd parents.
    He was also uncomfortable being a fairy. Major buzzkill/fragile masculinity problems.
  17. Okay whatever I was little red and that was fun but way too easy.
    BUT CHECK OUT GRANNY'S AND WOLF'S make up! I did that! Not calling it my best work but pretty spectacular for a drunk girl.