Tremendous Trump veep candidates

campaign PR chair John Miller should reveal the 2016 dream ticket shortly
  1. 1.
    Art Vandelay
    A pairing of New York business titans: Trump-Vandelay offers voters a real estate developer and an accomplished importer-exporter who first made a splash as an architect. Have you seen the addition to the Guggenheim?
  2. 2.
    Dr. Regina Phalange
    Like Trump, known on the Vegas strip
  3. 3.
    Dr. Van Nostrand
    Julliard-trained dermatologist >> Hopkins director of pediatric neurosurgery
  4. 4.
    Kel Varnsen
    Emerged from Vandelay's latex enterprise to realize success as a developer with interest in Manhattan apartments
  5. 5.
    H.E. Pennypacker
    Lesser-known New York industrialist
  6. 6.
    Ken Adams
    Like Donald, so popular with women
  7. 7.
    Mental health may be a concern. Rumored to have been considered for a rival ticket, but she flat-out refused to go along with Cruz-Suz branding.