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  1. Became an aunt
  2. Signed a lease
  3. Got engaged
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September 1 is fast approaching and Allston Christmas is on its way- since I'm knee-deep in apartment hunting, here are some things I've learned. Some of this may be Boston-specific, so feel free to correct or add!
  1. What's the monthly rent?
  2. What's included in the rent?
    Even if it is stated on the Zillow apartment listing, double check everything
  3. What isn't included in the rent? (Think sewer, water, garbage, snow removal, heat, electric...)
    If the tenants are there, ask them their usual monthly payments outside of the rent
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Here's to having a better day than Ron in 2010
  1. 1.
    Thank you for giving me your sense of humor, but I'm pretty pissed about the large, flat feet gene.
  2. 2.
    Your loyalty sometimes comes off as needy and clingy, but you're the best cuddler I know.
  3. 3.
    2016 is going to be a great year 😘😉
  1. Last Halloween, our costume plan was Voldemort and his Whore-cruxes
  2. My boyfriend would be Voldemort and I'd be Nagini because that's romantic
  3. We had 4 friends to be the diadem, Tom Riddle's diary, the locket, and Harry
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Or, what I do with everyone who visits me in Boston, in no specific order.
  1. Publick House in Brookline
    Lots of beers and great food for a moderately fancy night out
  2. Harpoon
    Pretzels Pretzels Pretzels.
  3. Lawn on D
    A perfect outdoor space for before/after Harpoon
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  1. The best decision I've ever made was taping paint chips to my wall
  2. I took paint chips from Walmart every time I went into the store
  3. Note that this is super immoral and basically stealing.
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  1. 6.
    Ron and Diane
    So them.
  2. 5.
    Bobby Newport and Shauna Malwae-Tweep
    Such an unexpected surprise that makes perfect sense.
  3. 4.
    Donna and Joe
    LaVondrius and the microwave should have their own spin off series
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  1. Leslie Knope: Blue Sky Brainstorming
    Where there are no wrong answers. Lay out the very best plan you can think of, consider what's possible later. The sky is the limit!! Don't let any limitation hold you back!! Fill in that pit!!
  2. Ron Swanson: Prototyping
    When creating a mockup or wireframe of the design, you're probably working alone. You get to build the interface that the team designed and make sure all the pieces are there. It's not woodworking, but it's quiet and requires patience and care
  3. Ben Wyatt: Affinitization
    Organize a mass of messy ideas into nice, neat categories to find the bigger picture. Usually done with other people while one person facilitates. Ben would love to see a million messy post it notes organized in clean, straight lines
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  1. This is a picture of me right now laying in bed
  2. Me with the lights on
  3. Why am I awake
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