September 1 is fast approaching and Allston Christmas is on its way- since I'm knee-deep in apartment hunting, here are some things I've learned. Some of this may be Boston-specific, so feel free to correct or add!
  1. What's the monthly rent?
  2. What's included in the rent?
    Even if it is stated on the Zillow apartment listing, double check everything
  3. What isn't included in the rent? (Think sewer, water, garbage, snow removal, heat, electric...)
    If the tenants are there, ask them their usual monthly payments outside of the rent
  4. Parking/street parking? Is a spot included?
  5. Check the water pressure
  6. Open the fridge, open the closets
  7. Is there a closet or storage space for a vacuum, sheets, cleaning supplies, etc?
  8. Any other available storage?
  9. Who do I call for emergency repairs?
  10. Who is the landlord? Management company, individual, do they live nearby..?
    Again, asking the tenants is a great idea. How responsive are they, etc.
  11. Check for outlets and where they are in each room
  12. Don't know the area? Check your commute.
    Take a quick stroll to the T to see how far it really is, check the bus map, or figure out the daily traffic on this route to work
  13. What payment is required upfront?
    Usually first month, last month, security, and fee- a hefty sum for anyone, so be aware
  14. What's the application process?
  15. Will I need a cosigner?
  16. Where's laundry, what does it cost?
  17. Pet friendly?
  18. What's the guest and sublet policy?
  19. What if one of my roommates moves out?
    Check who's liable. Is it the roommate them self, or are all of you required to pay no matter what?
  20. Do students live in the building?
    If you're a grad student or young professional ready to move on from college, avoid undergrad buildings at all cost
  21. Is there yard space? Who is it shared with? Can I put a grill/furniture/etc out there?