Or, what I do with everyone who visits me in Boston, in no specific order.
  1. Publick House in Brookline
    Lots of beers and great food for a moderately fancy night out
  2. Harpoon
    Pretzels Pretzels Pretzels.
  3. Lawn on D
    A perfect outdoor space for before/after Harpoon
  4. Black Rose
    I much prefer this no cover, live Irish music bar to Sissy K's and Hong Kong
  5. Sunset Cantina in Brighton
    So much food, so little time
  6. Isabella Stewart Gardner museum
    For a relaxing afternoon
  7. Improv Asylum
    I've only ever been to the Saturday midnight show and it never disappoints
  8. Eagles Deli in Brighton
    Want an oversized breakfast or burger? Eagles has you covered
  9. The garden and common
  10. Concerts at Fenway
    Specifically Zac Brown, though I'm sure they're all great
  11. Boston Public Market
    Indoor farmers market, go for the cider donuts
  12. The Green Dragon
    Paul Revere and John Hancock used to go here, or so they say on the menu. A historical way to grab a beer
  13. Strolling around the North End
    Quaint streets, Paul Revere's house, lots of Italian food
  14. Downeast cider
    Easily my favorite drink, and a cool under-the-Tobin-bridge operation
  15. Trident
    Breakfast in a book store on Newbury
  16. The Brookline Booksmith
    You'll probably get lost inside.
  17. Chestnut Hill Wegmans
    Yes, this is a grocery store. Yes, I do come here with most of my guests. Cheap alcohol, quick dinners, and absolutely anything else you'd ever need.