1. Last Halloween, our costume plan was Voldemort and his Whore-cruxes
  2. My boyfriend would be Voldemort and I'd be Nagini because that's romantic
  3. We had 4 friends to be the diadem, Tom Riddle's diary, the locket, and Harry
  4. But shockingly, no one else seemed interested so we couldn't complete the set
  5. (For the record, this costume will happen one day and this list is mostly to call that really great idea)
  6. But when HP didn't work out, we relied on our go-to characters: Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope
  7. That lil Sebastian shirt is now my most prized possession, btw
  8. And Ron was appropriately dressed as Tiger Woods, because 😉
  9. We told everyone we were Brandi Maxxx's porn versions of Ron and Leslie to make it more scandalous
  10. No one knew what I was talking about so the joke fell flat, but whatever
  11. Next year if the Whorecruxes don't work out, were aiming for Dreadlocks Ron and Tammy 2, so stay tuned