Things you hate to love... (Or at least don't tell too many people about....)
  1. The Olsen twins' movies
    It takes two, NY Minute, To Grandmothers house we Go... Just can't help myself!
  2. Re-gifting.
    Regifting is something I think many people do... but few will admit it. Don't feel guilty because the person you gave it to will probably re-gift it too!
  3. Hanson Bros.
    No further detail needed.
  4. Super Mario.
    It's a sickness really.
  5. 13 going on 30.
    So cheesy, but love it.
  6. One Fine Day.
    You know, when George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer getcha all wound up and just fall asleep after a kiss... Yeah...
  7. Day drinking.
    That's it. It just gets me all sorts of happy. Don't judge.
  8. Processed cheese.
    Can't. Get. Enough. (Ya know, soft pretzels, nachos, cheese fries...gahhh)
  9. Pretending your life is like the Truman Show.
    I always think people are watching. Which is helpful.. Like if I feel the urge to pick my nose...or feel an itch.
  10. Hanging out with just one kid.
    I have 3... So when I just have one to hang with and talk to.. I LOVE IT. Even when they're 2. And filthy.