Judge free zone
  1. Go potty. Lock the door.
    But make sure you walk around the house first to make sure doors are locked, nothing can be spilled or drank, and there is something to preoccupy them.
  2. Fold laundry. Lock the door.
    Do everything that was suggested above.
  3. Tell your husband you are going up to "start the bath"
    Start the bath, fall on your bed, play candy crush. Before the water runs over, yell down that the bath is ready.
  4. Fall on the couch, put a blanket over you, lay still.
    You may need to peek, some kids read that shit and start trouble.
  5. Clean a bedroom.
    Some kids come up and think they can mess up your mojo, but cleaning a room is boring. They will leave and you can plop down on the dirty clothes like a champ and catch up with Words with Friends.
  6. Daddy duty.
    As long as you have a mutual agreement that the children are now HIS responsibility while you "have something else to do", you are free. Do whatever you want. Or nap. Yeah..
  7. Did I say fake a bathroom trip?
    Crap.. I did. Well do it again.
  8. Walk the dog.
    I don't care if he was just out, he needs fresh air. For 27 minutes. (Make sure house is safe-and/or hubby is the designated watcher of the children.)
  9. Play-doh.
    Just keep in mind, messes are A-OK. everything can be picked up- give them their free time with play-doh... This gives you like 30 minutes before they get bored.
  10. "Take a phone call out on the porch"
    Yup, your mom called...or maybe she didn't. But you know what? The stars are out, go look at them. But make sure you come in and say "grandma loves you!"