Over the course of 3 days
  1. Watched someone make a three point turn on the highway
    Maybe it would have helped if his gps had a Boston accent
  2. John singer Sargent
    I now know that he is a person
  3. Cruised through Davis square with Arlo B
    He parted traffic for us
  4. Watched Arlo B vomit on his kindle while wearing his AB/CD shirt, mini shorts and cheetah print toms on the Mass pike
    Super cute
  5. Realized that there is only one path to dumplings
    The gourmet dumpling house in China town is truly a closet sized dumpling heaven
  6. Admired the ocdness of the Japanese culture
    Hokusai at the MFA (the wave guy)
  7. Watched some old men sing (you gotta) fight for your right (to party) on the porch of a preschool
  8. Walked around Harvard campus at night
    I felt my 3.15 gpa being crushed under the weight of the John Harvard statue
  9. Ate formage blanc and wasa crackers in the arboretum while smelling the lilacs
  10. Questioned the legality of marijuana in massachusets
    When I passed a father and his daughter smoking a joint On a run in the fells
  11. Decided that Boston is a pretty swell place