1. I am exhausted.
  2. Child spent all morning not listening
  3. Took child to preschool
    Late, but got her there.
  4. Put baby in crib for nap
  5. Attempted to work on schoolwork
  6. Boyfriend had pizza delivered to me
    I eat entire thing. Day seems to turn around.
  7. Went to pick up child from preschool
  8. Child spent 20 minutes not listening
    Got fed up and considered leaving her there.
  9. Child took additional 20 minutes not listening upon arrival at home
    Child almost injured baby in process of not listening.
  10. Finally got child into bed for nap
    Child has now been in bed for 40 minutes being noisy/not napping.
  11. Fed baby, who fell asleep
  12. Baby is supposed to be sleeping in crub
    Baby cannot go upstairs in crib because child is still being too noisy/not napping.
  13. Gave up on today.