Real life compilation of nanny quotes that shouldn't have to happen
  1. Take the chicken nugget out of your nose
  2. Why are your socks on your hands
  3. Stop stuffing the baby under your mattress
  4. No, I am not your daddy
  5. That was a bad nap, go back to sleep
  6. Is this a pretzel in your Ugg?
  7. I don't want to watch anymore Bubble Guppies, please let me turn on Doc McStuffins
  8. You just deleted all your toothbrush stickers, now we have to start all over
    Still unsure about the Magic Timer toothbrushing app I am required to use on the iPad.
  9. I lost M again
    Sometimes I FaceTime @mother on the job and lose track of a kid. It's fine ok.
  10. Please don't put that yogurt on your eye