Things That Have Happened Since I Turned 21

People say that you mature with age and I'm just really not sure. For instance, I've been 21 a grand total of 2 months & 8 days, and I have done a number of impulsive things that "mature, responsible adults" labor over thinking through such as...
  1. I moved out and bought more stuff for my dog than myself
  2. I contemplated going back to a four year college (now that I've been out of high school for 4 years)
  3. I booked a friendship milestone cruise exactly 7 years premature
  4. I left my parents in 2015
    And deleted their senior year sentiments from my Google Drive. Big step.
  5. I have been carrying a bottle of Jack in my car for 2 months & 9 days (and probably counting)
  6. Basically, I should not be left unattended