Things to Remember--exemplified by Littles

  1. Solo time is a positive thing.
  2. But also so is being connected.
  3. Routine is healthy
    So is a little break in routine
  4. Indulgence is important
    Pop tarts, Pirates booty, juice, fruit snacks...find what you love and love it well. Treat yo'self.
  5. Smile hard and smile often.
  6. Sometimes you need to check yourself out and remind yourself that you're adorable.
  7. Make your own rainbows.
    And soak in their wonder
  8. Sometimes "uh-ohs" happen and things are "cray cray" and it doesn't have to be a catastrophe.
  9. And if all else fails, nap. Hard.
  10. And often.
  11. Like all the time.
  12. Just keep napping.
  13. And hold on.