1. Snow. It's cold and pointless and altogether way too much hassle
    Like cmon, I've got shit to do
  2. The fact that I can't control my own body temperature
  3. Dating a Panthers fan
    Mistake. No one warned me they would be useful this season.
  4. How hard my puppy sleeps, but mostly out of jealousy?
  5. The fact that my bottle of Jack is unopened
    Do I pop it now? Do I just see how long it can remain my unopened vehicular companion?
  6. Remembering that I need to shower
    Why can't my whole body be self-cleaning? It seems unfair.
  7. The eggplant dish rotting in the backseat of my snowed-in car
  8. This song
    I can't do it today, Spotify.
  9. Doing things I don't remember signing up for
    (being an adult)
  10. Being so sober when I'm snowed in
  11. Weak ass people
  12. People who are only alive so they can get married
  13. My sock is sliding off
  14. Monopoly?
    To be decided at the end of impending game
  15. Oh, and butterflies. [free range] butterflies I loathe entirely