My Day Out in Brisvegas

My Aussie List Babe carer offered to take me out for a walk around Brisvegas today. We took some snaps 🐨
  1. We stopped off at the Cultural Centre so I could see the city from across the river.
  2. There's a dinosaur at the museum!
  3. Overlooking the busway at the Cultural Centre.
  4. Admiring the City Hall building.
  5. Who says koalas and lions don't get along?
  6. I wanted to go for a ride but my legs aren't long enough.
  7. Down Riverside way - those CityCat's are fast.
  8. Koala House!
    There are no koalas inside though.
  9. I hear that one of our @list creators @dev is into manatees.
    I've never met one in person but they look pretty cool.
  10. A quick lunch then it's back home for a nap.