Sightseeing in Sydney

  1. It's the day after the Aussie List Meetup. I've got a whole day free for some sightseeing before I need to fly home.
  2. I walked all around the Opera House. I had to take a break from walking so much. My legs are tiny, I get tired.
  3. The postcard shot!
  4. City views from the Park Hyatt pool.
  5. I hung out for a bit with @jessicaz at the pool.
    Going to miss this List Babe.
  6. Time for a quick dip.
    Not too long, I don't want my fur to go all pruney.
  7. @jessicaz ordered a pumpkin spice grande under the name of Ariana. She let me have a sip 😊
  8. Bit of shopping at The Rocks markets.
  9. Caught in a rainbow. Having a late lunch with @jpbateson before I have to head to the airport.
  10. Checking in at the airport.
    Can't believe the weekend is over. It went so fast.
  11. My first trending list!!!!
    I was very excited!!
  12. A last goodbye (for now) with @jessicaz.
    So glad I got one last cuddle with her at the airport. It was super sad to say goodbye.
  13. On board.
    Buckle up for safety, kids.
  14. One last view of Sydney.
  15. This adventure may be over, but there's plenty more fun in store for me. 🐨