You ain't fooling me.
  1. Being named "Norine" but providing the Instagram name of "shelllbbbbsss"
  2. Being active 43 seconds ago.
  3. Telling me Tinder "gave [your] iPhone a virus," so we need to switch to text immediately.
    The iOS file system is well insulated against malware from apps, especially those from the App Store, especially those with a billion dollar reputation on the line.
  4. Having exactly 4 photos.
    These are the new and improved spam bots. The older ones had exactly 3. Bonus points if the photos are of extravagantly different people.
  5. Saying you are an INFP.
    According to Wikipedia, INFP's account for only 4% of the population, but 100% of spam bots.
  6. Saying you want to "continue [your] sleeve" while your photos show baby-like, tattoo-less arms.
  7. Asking me if I like whales.
    I do, but I don't know if I want to "humpback" at your place.
  8. Botching some sort of inspirational quote so that it becomes humorous.
    "I'm impossible to 4get, but hard to remember." — Erin 👏🏼
  9. Messaging me first, telling me you think I'm sweet.
    My profile is esoteric and dumb. No sweetness to be found.
  10. Existing.
    There are so many robots in the cyber ether. Y'all stay off The List App.