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  1. when we walked into a Walmart with a large help wanted sign
    and she quite animatedly pointed to said sign, exclaiming I could finally get a job !!!!!
  2. no other times
not really? (I just can't imagine myself being physically capable of anything other than melting into a puddle while in the combined presence of these duos) (this is not a list about sex!!!) well maybe just a little...
  1. Tina and Amy
    no explanation needed.
  2. The Obamas
    and to begin, Mr. President- may I call you Barack? Barry O? No? ok
  3. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
    in a NYT interview released just before Colbert took over Late Night, Stewart mentioned they thought about headlining "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" on Broadway after their departures from Comedy Central. I am ok with this hypothetical threesome occurring backstage after a performance, should his joke ever play out.
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