Domesticated Wanderlust. 33, married, father of 1.5 year old.
  1. The travel bug will always be there. You can learn to repackage it.
    Goodbye Europe, hello nap-length day drips. Rick Steves' show and retirement planning is also a good curb.
  2. The best verbiage in most situations is often the simplest.
    Big words are overrated.
  3. We are all way too dependent on our phones.
    I'm going to put it down and go outside. Ok, ok. Just a few more minutes. I have unread email.
  4. Being a parent is an amazing experience. Its all of the cliche things.
    It's the new appreciation of the details though their eyes. And the tiny arm hugs.
  5. Quality over quantity.
    I know. Duh, right. But it applies to more nouns than you think.
  6. 'Tousled' is way more acceptable for a man in his 20's.
    Find a good barber by age 28.
  7. Drink more water and tea- less booze and coffee.
    Every Miller Lite is one less episode of that show your didn't get to finish when you die. That and one day I want to be the old guy who goes on at length about how I miss Snapchat.
  8. I really have no opinion on 'going paperless'
    It's the staples.