Some treasures from my drafts. There is a reason they haven't been tweeted, but part of me wants to hold on.
  1. Imagine trying to explain lingerie football to a foreign exchange student
  2. You have no idea what I'm incapable of
  3. When did plaid go out the window
  4. Awesome that Atlanta has a soccer team now, finally another thing to not care about.
  5. Life Hack! Set low expectations for yourself and you will never be disappointed 😊
  6. When is the gay community going to start speaking out against not getting on kiss cams at sporting events
  7. I think after a certain point people feel obligated to fall off of the mechanical bull
  8. It's just now occurring to me that I give thumbs up way too much while working, and they aren't like causal they are aggressive
    I would hate me
  9. Take everything as a compliment