Reasons I Love Running

  1. I like my body more
    Not necessarily because it looks better, but I feel more connected to it. There's an awareness that wasn't there before. It's not working against me. We are a team.
  2. I understand distance
    Before I started running, I had no idea how far a mile was. Driving never really hammered it home. But now, I know. You know that bit in Jessica Jones where she and Luke Cage are one-upping each other with their mile times? I love that bit.
  3. I build relationships
    My main running buddy is my friend Dan, and we run together at least once a week. That's an hour each week of non-stop communication: we know everything about each other's lives. And he gets to end conversations by saying "I need to go and moisturise my nipples, see ya!" So that's fun.
  4. I have an excuse to go to TK Maxx
    The sportswear section is so dreamy.
  5. I have control over something
    Right now, everything is fucking chaos. Brexistential despair. Panic on the streets of London. Running is the last remaining bastion of normality and YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH IT SO DON'T TRY.