Sometimes I wish you could click a photo & it'll transport you back to that time. These are some photos I like to look at & remember how much the moment made me smile.
  1. Oh my first Fright Fest at Six Flags happened this year, 2015. I'm so glad I got that season pass.
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  2. The first time I saw a grizzly bear (my favorite) in the Bronx Zoo this past month, even though it feels like I've been there more than 100 times.
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  3. My first time driving on the highway after I got my drivers license in November. It felt exhilarating.
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  4. My come back to Dominican Republic this summer after more than 5 years of not visiting. I remember this day like yesterday. That hill is the best napping place, trust me.
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  5. I barely remember this day, but I do recall I was riding my bike too fast down the bridge & I almost killed myself trying to take a picture of the sunset that was about to occur. It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in this darn city.
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