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  1. Pretty Little Liars
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. Instant ramen
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Inspired by @ListPrompts. I am not saying these are the top 10 books ever written. These are the ones I remember most enjoying, or appreciating, or by which I was most changed.
  1. 1.
    By Vladimir Nabokov
  2. 2.
    The History of Love
    By Nicole Krauss
  3. 3.
    Everything is Illuminated
    By Jonathan Safran Foer
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  1. I once worked for an Israeli tech company.
  2. They had acronyms for everything.
  3. One important part of my job was reviewing tests the engineers had run of our reporting system.
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Inspired by @mindy
  1. Whole Foods brand electrolyte water.
    My husband, @mikeaangles, is OBSESSED with this water so we buy it a lot. I used to be embarrassed about falling for such a stupid marketing ploy until I saw that @mindy has been suckered in as well. Now I don't feel so badly.
  2. Guac
    Totally agree with @mindy that this is the bomb
  3. Cheese
    After tasting a free sample of aged Gruyere or Robusto it becomes clear I need a block of it for the house.
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I love the people I am actually with but the day would be even greater with:
  1. My sister and best friend in the world, @hellokittykorean. Here she is right after a random, full sake bottle lunch.❤️
  2. My brother-in-law, @illeeone. So happy he and my sister chose each other. This is a funny random picture of him from my phone. ❤️
  1. Ugg Boots
    Yeah yeah. They are "comfy" and "warm". I get it. They are ugly.
  2. All clothes at fashion shows
    I know many of these are not meant to be actually worn but are more like "inspiration" or something. But that's stupid.
  3. Asymmetrical dresses
  4. Turtle necks
    Ok probably no one would call these stylish anymore, but they are ugly and its important we remember this so they never come back in style.
I watch a lot of Jeopardy. I spend a lot of time thinking about being a contestant and how I would behave. And a lot of time judging the contestants I am watching for how they behave. Here are the things that make me feel embarrassed for them.
  1. Visably click their signaling device. Either they are unaware of how visible their clicking motion is, or they want people to know they know the answer and maybe feel badly for them that their clicker isn't working or something??? Either way, stop it.
  2. Tell a long, dumb story during Alex's interview portion. Short dumb story = fine. But if you take far too long to tell a story that ends with a punch line that no one gets, or is stupid, or you never really end and Alex has to awkwardly cut you off, I hate it.
  3. Make embarrassing fist pump type gestures when they get a question right. We are adults and none of us is Arsenio Hall in the 90s. Please just smile humbly when you get something right. No arm movements!!
  4. Answer in a funny accent or impression of someone famous. Just say "James Bond". Don't say "James Bond" in a Sean Connery accent. I hate this. Full disclosure: sometimes I like it when people do this.
As I wrote this list I realized that almost everything you like as a kid gets worse as you get older. Except maybe ice cream, pizza and chicken fingers. I think the following are still worth listing.
  1. Bubble gum flavored things
    Toothpaste especially
  2. Mini golf
    I remember really loving mini golf as a kid. Whenever someone suggests this as a grown up activity, I want to blow my brains out.
  3. Your parents' jokes
    Though at a certain age I think they get better again. One of the horrors of aging.
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  1. Battlestar Gallactica
  2. Six Feet Under
  3. The Office