Inspired by @mindy
  1. Whole Foods brand electrolyte water.
    My husband, @mikeaangles, is OBSESSED with this water so we buy it a lot. I used to be embarrassed about falling for such a stupid marketing ploy until I saw that @mindy has been suckered in as well. Now I don't feel so badly.
  2. Guac
    Totally agree with @mindy that this is the bomb
  3. Cheese
    After tasting a free sample of aged Gruyere or Robusto it becomes clear I need a block of it for the house.
  4. Amy's cheese pizza snacks
    In the frozen food aisle. Don't judge me, just try them. Unless you live near me. In that case, don't try them because my WF is often sold out of them and I don't need the extra competition.
  5. Peace Sign Parmesan Annie's mac and cheese
    The creme de la creme of boxed m&c IMHO
  6. Chicken noodle soup
    Sick? Have a hangover? Feeling chilly? This is the soup for you. To be clear, though, you don't need to be in any of these states to enjoy this delicious soup. Also, if you are hungover you better grab some electrolyte water too. And, hell, probably some Mac and cheese and pizza bites. Just go for it. You deserve it because you're hungover.
  7. Baguette
    For the cheese, duh.
  8. Kevita Probiotic drink
    Lemon cayenne flavor. Bam! Inspired by @hellokittykorean