Things Olivia Should Be for Halloween

I'm just spit ballin here!
  1. War Boy
    That silver spray paint all over her mouth. Classic. Also looks great in Steampunk.
  2. Coolio
    The hair! A dead ringer.
  3. Angelica
  4. Zenon
  5. Teletubby
  6. Batman
    Dark Knight Trilogy. Must scream "WHERE IS SHE??" when asking where I'm @
  7. Dobby the free elf
  8. Dumbledora the Explorer
  9. Severus Snape
    After all this time? Always.
  10. Adult braces
  11. Tooth fairy
  12. Tall drink o water
  13. Aubrey "Draze" Graham
    Champagne Dippy. Drizzy.
  14. Jumpman
  15. DJ Nina Nine
  16. Cynthia
    Angelica's beaten and battered doll.
  17. A princess!
  18. A spitball