I'm just spit ballin here!
  1. War Boy
    That silver spray paint all over her mouth. Classic. Also looks great in Steampunk.
  2. Coolio
    The hair! A dead ringer.
  3. Angelica
  4. Zenon
  5. Teletubby
  6. Batman
    Dark Knight Trilogy. Must scream "WHERE IS SHE??" when asking where I'm @
  7. Dobby the free elf
  8. Dumbledora the Explorer
  9. Severus Snape
    After all this time? Always.
  10. Adult braces
  11. Tooth fairy
  12. Tall drink o water
  13. Aubrey "Draze" Graham
    Champagne Dippy. Drizzy.
  14. Jumpman
  15. DJ Nina Nine
  16. Cynthia
    Angelica's beaten and battered doll.
  17. A princess!
  18. A spitball