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The Roommate started working at Milkweed Editions and has continued her streak of bringing great books into my life. Plus she tells me which authors are really nice to her.
  1. Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse - Faith Sullivan
    I've never read a book with so many horrific events that made me feel so warm and cosy inside. I was going through a tough time and spent every day looking forward to reading this before bed.
  2. Ordinary Wolves - Seth Kantner
    I got so excited when I saw that this had blurbs from Louise Erdrich and Barbara Kingsolver, two queens of my high school bookshelf. Brought me back to my summer canoeing up north when I was a very young 18.
  3. Silhouette of a Sparrow - Molly Beth Griffin
Too much work. Not enough reading. Gotta reprioritize.
  1. Vandal Love - Deni Béchard
    Family of big guys and little guys. Lots of boxing. I don't like boxing, but I love reading about it.
  2. Radical Equations - Robert Moses
    Strong numeracy and problem solving skills are so valuable and need to be available to more people.
  1. Why Not Me? - Mindy Kaling
    What a knockout.
  2. The Paris Wife - Paula McLain
    I wish I liked Hemingway more, but until recently all I could think about when I thought of Hemingway is this guy who went to high school with me who really liked Hemingway and told me I didn't like Fight Club because it was not a movie girls could understand. Now I'll think of him and this book.
  3. Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari
    I was in a meeting at a new job and the check in question was "which celebrity would you want to be best friends with?" I said Aziz Ansari and everyone said "oh boy that is a good answer. I wish I had thought of that."
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Making a house a home
  1. Placemats
    Made from an old dress and a pair of sweatpants.
  2. Coasters
    First quilting project. All about the mitered corners. And the mojitos.
  3. Pillows
    Pears and onions picked out by my mom.
Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card - Arthur Read
  1. Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
  2. The Princess Bride - William Goldman
  3. The Kid - Dan Savage
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A running list of what I have on the needles. Mostly to prevent impulse yarn purchases.
  1. Grey and purple cowl
  2. Striped cardigan
    Not happening
  3. Socks
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