Books That Shaped Me

Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Number the Stars
    I was in the hospital when I read this book and I think it was the first time I understood that the world is fucked up and that people die and have harder lives than mine
  2. The Great Gatsby
    This is cliché, but very true. This book taught me how to read for a deeper meaning and how to live life with an awareness of others
  3. Salt, Sugar, Fat
    This book is one of the main reasons that I want to work to fix the American food system
  4. Harry Potter Series
    I wasn't that into reading before I read these (I was a late bloomer)
  5. Kira Kira
    I read this in middle school and I don't remember much of the plot but I do remember this book fucked me up
  6. The Book Thief
    I cried for a week and this definitely changed the way I look at the world
  7. Silent Spring
    Another reason for trying to fix the food system and the environment and the world
  8. Because of Anya
    Again, I read this when I was little so I don't remember it much but it messed with my head and I read it 4 times