Albums That Changed Me

I've always preferred to listen to entire albums rather than single songs to capture the full experience the artist is exuding. Over the years I've listened to countless albums on repeat. Looking back, these are the albums that I feel changed me the most. Clearly some aren't the highest quality, but they are part of my evolution.
  1. Space Jam Soundtrack- My first CD. I got a boom box and a few CDs for my 9th birthday, this is the only one I listened to. Hated "I believe I could fly."
  2. Limp Bizkit: Significant Other- Most people call it trash but it was my introduction to really liking music. I still know the words to almost every song and love them.
  3. blink 182: blink 182- Although I liked their prior 2 albums, this one introduced me to "emotional" music. Still have this on my phone today.
  4. Angels & Airwaves: We Don't need to Whisper- Every song has the sound I've grown to love. They start very slow and develop into an explosion of sound.
  5. Arcade Fire: Funeral- made me fall in love with Indie Rock. Every song has much going on, and has more emotion than the last.
  6. Childish Gambino: Culdesac- Showed me a different side of Hip Hop with his pop culture references and original sounds. I listened to all his original LPs around the same time but probably this one the most.
  7. M83: Hurry Up, We're Dreaming- So much different that anything I've ever listened to. I describe them as modern day orchestra. I feel like I'm in a movie when I listen to it.