Childhood Crushes

The big time celebrity crushes with a few classmates mixed in. We're talking major crushes here, all before I turned 18.
  1. Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger
    Age 6. Maybe not a huge crush but I remember being jealous when she kissed Tommy
  2. Cameron Diaz in The Mask
    Age 7. Her first role and she's never looked better. Not only did I find the movie hilarious, but I couldn't take my eyes off Cameron Diaz. Rented this movie on the reg until my parents bought it.
  3. Kelly Kapowski
    Age 9? Always put me in a good mood before school
  4. Meghan
    Fifth grade. She played football so I started playing at recess. Football went on to become the obsession. She never knew I had the crush but she completely changed my life.
  5. Britney Spears
    Age 11. Pretty standard for anyone at that time. Hormones took this one to a new level. Her breakdown/head shave ended whatever we could have had.
  6. Alyssa Milano
    Age 12. This one went on for awhile. First noticed in those 1-800-Collect commercials, then on one if my moms favorite shows, Charmed.
  7. Samantha
    Middle school into high school. Again, I never had the guts to tell her. She was out of my league. She made me want to be more creative.
  8. Pamela Anderson
    Age 14. Baywatch, Home Improvement, and the Internet all attributed to this one. Getting a little more mature here.
  9. Torrie Wilson
    Age 15. She kept me watching Wrestling even when I wasn't obsessed anymore.
  10. Stephanie
    Age 17. She liked me first, that made me like her. First girlfriend (late bloomer), first heartbreak. After a long hiatus, still friends today. Oddly, I don't remember having a major crush for the rest of high school. Shyness was a killer
  11. Elisha Cuthbert
    Age 17. I'll never get over her in the Girl Next Door.
  12. Note: The one common thing I noticed between the celebrities, beautiful eyes.