27 had its moments but I'm looking forward to 28. Here's a list of big things that happened to me while I was 27.
  1. Being in love
    26 was one of my best years and 27 continued strong. I enjoyed celebrating my bday, celebrating the 4th of July, and went on a vacation with my companion. Things I've always wanted to do in the past.
  2. Dark days
    27 will always been remember for the dark days. Heart break isn't easy for anyone and I was no exception. While I struggled I think I also persevered. Adversity builds character but I hope to never go through something like this again.
  3. Strengthened friendships
    I needed help through the dark days. My friends were there for me when I need them most. I went from being close to one, to close to many. Shout out to @ana
  4. Jitz
    I've quit so many things in the past only to realize I miss them and commit more than ever. I used to be afraid to spar I'm Jiu Jitsu, now I dream about it.
  5. Giving back
    Nothing has ever made me happier than working with kids and I was finally able to get back at it. I joined a mentoring program and I've been match 13 year old who is posed for greatness. Hopefully I can do my part
  6. Dating
    I've never been one to date around but this year I connected with many people. I didn't find the one, but I have a better idea what I might be looking for.
  7. Worked at work
    I gained so many skill and learned so much this year. I have a much better idea of where I'd like my career to go
  8. Who am i
    I learned so much about myself and what makes me who I am. I found out I have ADHD and how to work passed it. I learned how to get passed negative thoughts. I learned that I need to be present but also to set goals for the future. I'm an introvert but nothing feels better than to be outgoing. Never stop pushing yourself
  9. Fuck it, let's go!
    I found out how much I love traveling. There's so much out there, I just want to see it all. I got to go to Belize and learn about their culture, the Mayans, and how to Scuba dive!
  10. 28 will be great, I know it!
    Moving to the city. Looking for a new job. Meeting new people. Traveling whenever possible. #JOLO